Justice Jora Singh files nomination for Jalandhar Lok Sabha, “Jalandhar voters will reject SAD-BJP combine and Congress Party this time

    In a show which displayed his popularity, Justice Jora Singh , Aam Admi Party Candidate for Jalandhar Lok Sabha  filed his nomination papers accompanied  by senior AAP leaders, Aman Arora MLA and hundreds of supporters at the DC office in Jalandhar.
    Hundreds of AAP volunteers gathered at the PUDA Complex  to display that the party has roots in every assembly segment of Jalandhar Lok Sabha seat   Justice Jora Singh and the AAP leaders  released a “Vision Document” for Jalandhar. The Vision document made after continued interaction with Justice Jora Singh with the people of the constituency  outlines the plans of Justice Jora Singh after getting elected.“ Development has missed jalandhar, both the  SAD-BJP combine and the Congress have done very little for the development of the region.  The condition of the poor Infrastructure  reflects the neglect by the sitting MP and the state government”
    After filing his nomination , Justice Jora  Singh in interaction with the media  said, “There is fear in both the SAD-BJP and the Congress about my candidature. The people of Jalandhar  are waiting for an opportunity to teach them a lesson. For decades these two parties have fooled the people not just on giving them basic facilities but also on law and order matters like Nakodar killings, Bargari incident and many more such instances”
    Justice Jora Singh who started his legal career from  Jalandhar , is  looking forward to the start of his political career as a  Member of Parliament from  Jalandhar Outlining his campaign he said he has connected with many of the voters  in the past and will be reaching out through dedicated volunteers in the coming three weeks of the campaign.


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